We're one of the most experienced "new" companies in Kansas City. With 30 years of transportation experience on our management team, we're delivering the best trucking and safety training available.

We believe even the smallest trucking companies deserves the best in training and safety services. Our unique methodology of "renting" trainers to transportation companies puts drivers with decades of experience inside client organizations training drivers on the equipment they will use every day. Trainers are also available for safety training, both in the classroom and on the road. When the training is over, the client's staff is ready and the trainer is on to the next assignment.

Individuals who train with DLTS get one-on-one instruction from an expert driver. DLTS trainers help students prepare for DMV exams (new CDL and endorsements), get DOT physicals, get TSA certification, learn to drive their new recreation vehicle with confidence and more.

Founders David Smith and Matt Smith are building a new kind of training experience. It combines the best in available curriculum, deep instructor expertise, hands-on student experiences and a broad and deep network of industry contacts to prepare students for a rewarding career in transportation.