The mission of Diversified Logistics Training Solutions is to provide clients with high quality training. This training enables trucking companies of all sizes to get high quality driver and safety training so employees can operate vehicles safely and efficiently. This training enables individual students to begin or enhance their career in the field of logistics.


Diversified Logistics Training Solutions is a continuing education and training company. We provide students with a positive experience while maximizing their skill and knowledge. We will serve our business clients by training employees that are courteous, safe, and prepared for a career as a professional driver in the field of logistics.

Core Values

Integrity: Honesty will define who we are; it will be evident by our words and actions.

Safety: Providing a safe environment will be a priority, our students can then carry those skills into their career.

Innovation: We will strive to include the latest technology and best practices in the transportation industry into our curriculum.

Professional: Being prepared and showing respect are crucial, understanding how our words and actions impact others.